25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London


25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London
25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London

Electric Bicycle Company

Stand Number: 1662

Electric Bicycle Company is family run business formed in 2011. We want to combine great service and quality to give people a simple and reassuring experience when they buy an electric bike. We want to make browsing and choosing an e-bike a breeze, and with our expertise and experience we will always find the right bike for you!

Happy customers are our priority, so we will always offer:
Free Test Ride
Face to face service
Guaranteed price match on any model found cheaper (new models only)
Free 6 weeks service on all bikes
Full Warranty/Manufacture Backed
Mobile Repairs

E-Bikes are fast becoming the transport of choice for delivery riders, especially in food delivery. They are quick, easy and cost next to nothing to run. No licence, no insurance, no petrol and no hassle. Come and see Electric Bicycle Company and see how much money you can save with an E-Bike!