19th and 20th Sept 2018 ExCal London


19th and 20th Sept 2018 ExCal London
25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London

Environmental Products & Services Ltd

Stand Number: A250

GreaseShield - proactive grease recovery unit offer superior operational/environmental benefits can be summarised as:-

The Best Greasetrap in the World - automatically removes Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG`s) to less than 100 parts per million.

• Superior performance - more than twice as effective in comparison to any other Grease Management System.
• Award Winning Technology - Small, compact, and easily installed.
• Cost saving - eliminating frequent pumping, harvesting on average 7 litres of FOG per day. Lowest energy consumption in its Class.
• User friendly - no need for staff to access the internal of the GreaseShield
• Safety focused - no heating element means no fire risk
• Protects the Environment - Harvests a source of renewable energy


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