MAG IT Solutions

MAG IT Solutions is a subsidiary of a Turkish-based company focused on tourism technology solutions. The mother company was established nearly 30 years ago and formed serious business partnerships over the consecutive years with world leading companies of the hospitality industry that still continue today.

While centering its strategy on absolute customer satisfaction, and real market needs, the market leader in Turkey provides both software and hardware from world-leading producers to the domestic market. In addition with its accumulation of experience in the sector over the past few years, the company now also focuses on developing its own hospitality and retail technologies.

In 2016 the mother company started its expansion on foreign soil, starting with Eastern Europe and the United Arab Emirates under the name MAG IT Solutions. MAG IT Solutions` mission is to provide world-class technology solutions as well as excellent customer support and services for the global tourism industry and considers Europe an import continent for its endeavors.

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Stand Number: 6014