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Ooh La Pasta reaps the benefits of Greengear LPG generator from Calor

For mobile catering van, Ooh La Pasta, Calor LPG is an essential fuel for power generation. Purchasing a 3kW LPG Greengear generator from Calor at Street Food Live 2017 meant they now only carry one fuel source and are fully self-sufficient at rural events.

Emma Cutmore, having been inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, culture and food while living in Sicily, created Ohh La Pasta in early 2017. Wanting to bring a taste of Italy to events in the South East, Emma converted a horse trailer into a catering van and the business was born.  

One of the challenges that Ooh La Pasta encountered was the need for electricity to power lighting and refrigeration at events where no electric hook up was available. Initially starting out with a petrol generator, Emma found this cumbersome and inefficient, and she wanted a cleaner and easier option. 

At Street Food Live 2017, Emma discovered the 3kW LPG Greengear generator, fuelled by Calor LPG, which could provide electricity for her catering van. This meant Ooh La Pasta now only needed one fuel source, eliminating the need to carry petrol, which could be messy, emit a strong odour, and is often banned on site due to spillage and subsequent damage to environment.

The 3kW LPG Greengear generator is compact and easy to move around, so Emma and the other ladies in the Ooh La Pasta team could transport it from the boot of a car to the catering van with ease.  

A Calor 19kg propane cylinder lasts up to 32 hours, making it an efficient option when using a 3kW LPG Greengear generator to provide electricity. Mobile catering businesses can also reduce running costs when using the 3kW LPG Greengear generator, saving up to 33% in comparison to petrol models. 

Emma commented: “Once Calor told us about the benefits of the 3kW LPG Greengear generator, it was a no brainer and we purchased it on the spot. Not only is it a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution, there’s no smell and it’s also quieter than petrol generators.

“We were already using LPG for cooking on the hob, so it made sense for us to utilise this for our electricity too. It’s allowed us to be fully self-sufficient in instances where there is no electric hook up on site.”

“We’d also found that some councils restrict the use of petrol at events, so the 3kW LPG Greengear generator helps us comply with regulations and doesn’t restrict us in the locations in which we can cater.” 

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