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Five Reasons Why Asian Takeaway has Become so Popular

It has been a challenging time for the restaurant industry, with the saga of Brexit leaving many restaurants pressured by growing costs and falling discretionary spending. According to the Financial Times, UK’s top 100 restaurants saw their profits fall by a whopping 64% over the past year. 

That led us to wonder how some restaurants are coping as a small group of Korean Japanese takeaways are fast filling up the void left behind by the demise of major upscale restaurants. Do they stand a chance in this competitive market environment and what are the latest market trends that worked for them? 

1. Unique Dining Experiences Catered to Asian Tastes

Once you have mastered the art of chopstick-wielding, you are ready to join us on a culinary journey. Young millennial customers are more likely to go out of their safety zone and experiment with new tastes which include raw fish, spicy kimchi, spicy tofu, katsu curry, sweet chilli chicken, and beef bulgogi. 

2. Sushi Goes Mainstream

If you still have qualms about the idea of swallowing raw fish, the good news is that sushi now comes in a wide variety of ingredients such as chicken katsu, kimchi, inari tofu pocket, cooked tuna, and prawn tempura. Sushi sets like All Salmon Love, Mini Maki Delight, and Nigiri Katsuare safe bets for first time sushi eaters.

3. Value For Money

Asian takeaways are not three star Michelin restaurants, but they guarantee good value for your money. You can snatch up a big portion of any hot entrée plus a gyoza set and a drink for less than ten pounds. Stopping by an Asian takeaway for a quick bite for lunch or supper won’t be a heavy burden on your purse strings. 

4. Gourmet Fast Food

Now comes the tricky part. There has long been a stigma on fast food that they provide, to say the least, subpar dining experiences. However, a new breed of fast food stores offers healthier and better quality food. Major change came as restaurants learned to embrace Korean Japanese food that offer less of fatty oils and more of calorie burning ingredients like chilli powder on top of fresh food and soups with fermented bits.

5. Food Delivery Goes Digital

Now food is delivered to your doorstep at the touch of your fingertips. Although seemingly all restaurants are benefiting from delivery service, Asian takeaway stores have an upper hand simply because they offer better takeaway food with delivery-friendly packaging during a possibly lengthy and bumpy ride.   


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