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Customers Are on the Hunt for Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging!

Britain just can’t seem to get enough of food and drink on-the-go. Recent research from Mintel is very telling, as it predicts that the on-the-go food and drink market could be worth a whopping £23.5b by 2022!

The food-to-go market has become an extremely competitive market due to packaging developments and global menu changes. The likes of Greggs, Subway and Pret a Manger, may even overtake casual dining restaurants and reign supreme as the biggest part of this market within the next five years.

Because the food-on-the-go empire has grown so quickly, the need for innovative, and easy-to-use food packaging has skyrocketed. But this growth also faces a dilemma - how the single-use packaging is going to impact the environment.

To tackle this problem, the EU revealed their latest strategy, being that they will make all plastic packaging recyclable and reusable by 2030. The UK are also following suit by announcing they will ban all avoidable plastic waste by 2042. Thousands, if not millions of customers are already aware of this news and are now actively seeking new sustainable alternatives.

According to other reports, 80% of customers feel that businesses should place a great deal of importance onto using food packaging that is environmentally friendly; and over 20% of those polled even said that they were happy to pay extra for it!

Jeff Fromm, marketing consultant and Forbes writer feels that companies have to start integrating environmentally friendly packaging into their businesses in order to stay afloat, he said “the younger generation are now aligning themselves with the brands that promote sustainability and corporate responsibility. These two values should inspire other companies to implement these business practices throughout the ecosystem.”

Kraft paper packaging is proving to be an incredibly popular choice of material in the food service sector. So what is Kraft paper? Well, it is made from recycled materials and is not extensively bleached which keeps manufacturing costs low. It is also much stronger than normal paper because of its reduced lignin content and high sulfur ratio.

This recyclable material is made up of a resinous pine, bamboo and other types of wood which are normally not used to make traditional paper. Most of the chemicals used in the making process are either recovered or reused, meaning that this production method is self-sustaining.

Customers like the look of Kraft paper packaging as it fits in well with the street food environment. Due it’s brown colour and homemade look, it gives makes products look and feel natural and organic - which goes hand-in-hand with businesses selling seasonal and locally sourced produce.

keCo is a supplier of inventive convenience food packaging solutions. They recently released their special range called Simply Kraft, which is a full range of products that meet a variety of needs, looks handmade but stills delivers on quality. Packaging for sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, salads, and for dishes served in a street food environment are all available and they even offer tapered trays.



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