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Zizzi and PFF Packing Create New Takeaway Packaging Fit for the Dining Room Table

Zizzi has become one of the first restaurant chains to invest in the takeaway market by launching their new branded takeaway packaging. They have ambitiously tried to mimic their eat in dining experience through their new packaging.

PFF Packaging - the UK’s largest producer of thermoformed plastic food packaging - are working alongside Zizzi and Pearlfisher and they are attempting to replicate Zizzi’s inhouse crockery. They have created a new concept of container which is designed to withstand the journey from restaurant to the customer. The three elements include the bowl, an insert which separates the hot and cold food and a fitted lid.

Head of sales at the PFF Packaging Group Steve Campbell, commented on this new design, he said “we looked into every avenue of designing the new speckled bowl and how best to replicate this type of look into our takeaway packaging. With a little help from our Innovation Centre facilities at our Washington plant, we were able to design a finished product that closely resembles that of the restaurant’s own crockery.”

Steve went on to talk about the difficulties the design team faced when creating these products, he said “the main challenges were trying to create a similar look, and making sure the packaging protected the food and kept it warm. The bowl also needed to be stackable, easy to separate and assemble, and nothing should spill throughout the whole journey. Whilst it should remain practical, Zizzi wanted the bowl to look beautiful and still have that high gloss shine as well as the speckling.”

The bowl is made out of PP material to ensure it met the functionality specification and also for its heat-retentive properties. Zizzi feel that they are the first restaurant brand to attempt to create to-go packaging that looks exactly like their inhouse crockery.

Craig Wilson, who heads up the Innovation team at PFF also spoke of the new packaging design, he said “Though we faced a difficult challenge trying to marry practicality with beautiful design, we love taking on a difficult task and we’re delighted to have created such a stunning product.”

This new range allows Zizzi to offer almost all of their dine-in menu for takeaway and will be available via Click & Collect or Call & Collect in-store, or through Deliveroo.  

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