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Traditional Petrol Powered Scooter Fleets Being Silenced

For the last few years the desire to switch to zero-emission delivery platforms has become stronger, but limited in choice. Two factors have restricted market growth; the availability of machines with a larger carrying capacity and higher cost versus traditional machines. 

A wind of change is coming, partly fuelled by new regulations, machine advances, and for the first time a rebate from the Chancellor for approved two and three-wheel zero-emission machines of 20% under the Plug-in Motorcycle Grant (PIMG). 

The new London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) fees will be put in place in Central London from 8th April 2019. This means that older non Euro 3 compliant motorcycles and scooters, Pre Euro 4 petrol vans and cars, pre Euro 6 Diesel vans and cars will have to pay a daily fee of £12.50. This is in addition to the congestion charge, for more information click here.

Also, local authorities in key locations of London, Cambridge and Oxford are demanding to see a percentage of zero-emission machines in new delivery fleets and in some areas 100% zero-emission machines before a licence can be awarded.

What’s all the noise about?  Not only do the latest generation electric machines win on vastly reduced maintenance charges (less than 30% of the petrol equivalent), fuel costs are 80% lower than a typical petrol powered machine and road tax is free. One area where traditional scooters cannot compete is noise pollution. If you are managing a fleet in the urban environment then noise pollution and potential complaints can have a serious impact on your operation. 

Latest machines include three-wheel variants that can offer massive load carrying capacities up to 350 Litres with a highly visible platform to advertise your brand, and they can still be ridden on an entry-level motorcycle/scooter licence, click here for more information.  

New Euro 4 Electric scooters have a host of advanced features including, LED lighting, combined braking systems, and removable batteries for quick changeovers. Up to 6kWh of power offers ranges from 60 to 120 miles on one charge, and advanced apps monitor and facilitate scooter sharing.

Without a doubt, the investment of electric machines in a fleet offers a tangible return, not only economically, but also environmentally. Hence key industry players including Correos, Just Eat and Dominos to name but a few are already converting to the Silent revolution.

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