25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London


25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London
25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London

Towards Smart Urban Mobility

We face increasingly full cities all over the world. As the number of city inhabitants increases so does the amount of traffic. For the government it’s very challenging to guide all the traffic and run their cities at a safe and healthy level. With products like the Tender, companies aim to supply the growing demand for zero emission vehicles and offer a green alternative for diesel-fuelled vans and smaller trucks.

Consumers are ordering products online and expect them in their homes on the next or even the same day. Meanwhile logistics companies are in a race to be the fastest, from online check-out to your front door. In addition, local economy is starting to offer more convenience to the ever more demanding consumer. Food deliveries, drop-shipments and service mechanics all find their way to our homes on a daily basis. The strain this puts on existing infrastructure is visible and increasing by the day.

Walther Ploos van Amstel, Lector City logistics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, on this subject: “In city logistics, we see a growing amount of small shipments and more just-in-time deliveries, which leads to more delivery traffic. Compared to the year before 25% more vans were sold in The Netherlands alone. People love cities, they want to live there, enjoy and visit them. The presence of all these vans just doesn’t fit in that picture. Our research proved that almost half of the vans could be replaced by a light electric vehicle.”

Urban Arrow

Amongst those light electric vehicles we find the Urban Arrow. The electric Cargo bike with a Bosch e-bike motor and a clever modular design. It can be adapted to carry anywhere between 70 and 2500 litres of cargo and has an average range of around 40km depending on the load. Urban Arrow wants to contribute to liveable urban environments and is supplying a growing demand for clean inner city transports.

Since 2011 Urban Arrow produces pedal electric assisted Cargo bikes for consumers as well as businesses. After the Family, Shorty and Cargo, the Tender is the fourth model of the Amsterdam based manufacturer. Next to the Tender 1500, Urban Arrow developed and tested the Tender 2500 in close cooperation with supermarket chain Albert Heijn. This 2500 version carries an astonishing 30 Eurocrates of groceries!

Other great user cases in which light electric vehicles are deployed on a daily basis are “Marleen Kookt” and “TringTring”. Both businesses chose the electric Cargo bike for their daily routine because of its simple, user-friendly design and low maintenance costs. They are simply faster, cheaper and much more environmentally friendly.

Urban Arrow founder Jorrit Kreek: “The Tender really is the truck amongst cargo bikes. Without breaking a sweat you can carry hundreds of kilos of mail or groceries. Moreover, we have shown that you can do that without producing noise, blocking the streets or polluting the air. Urban Arrow is an innovative brand and the Tender fits perfectly in that image. The rear frame with bicycle technology combined with automobile technology on the front frame is unique and shows that we are ahead of the game. The Tender is our largest and first three wheeled cargo bike.”

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