19th and 20th Sept 2018 ExCal London


19th and 20th Sept 2018 ExCal London
25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London

Market Trade News

Market Trade News is a monthly publication dedicated to markets and market traders. It is delivered free of charge, during the first week of each month, to the market managers of the majority of markets in the UK. They then hand the current issue to their traders, giving the publication a monthly readership of around 40,000 and importantly all of them are market traders.
The magazine contains news items of newsworthy recent and upcoming events, features on (usually two) markets each month plus a feature on a wholesaler who sells items of interest to market traders. Historical articles on markets are published from time to time plus a puzzle page to keep market traders amused and occupied during any quiet trading times.
It has several regular contributors with a variety of expertise in markets, writing about different aspects of markets and market trading; all contributions are factual and some even amusing. They include the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA), the official body for market authorities in the UK.
Advertising is accepted and it is a policy of MTN management to intersperse advertising with editorial wherever possible except for the classified section which sits at the back of the publication.