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Blake Powell


Panel Session: How to Enhance your efficiency

It’s safe to say that digitisation is rapidly altering the food landscape, with takeaways across the globe actively investing in digital transformation to increase their revenues and gain new customers. With this in mind, is your food business up to speed with the digital dining revolution?
Listen in to clue up on the digital developments that are set to form the future of the industry and find out how to stand out in the extremely competitive and rapidly changing digital age.

Panel Theatre Hall 12 - Wednesday 14:00 - 14:30

About Blake Powell:

Blake Powell is the Managing Director of Accent IT Services, the company behind AccentPOS.

A professional Pianist, Blake studied at Trinity Conservatoire in Greenwich, where he incorporated Accent IT Services in his first year.
The business began by offering high-end web design and marketing packages, along with IT support.

Blake identified an opportunity in the Restaurant technology sector when discussing EPOS systems with a leading Restaurateur, who agreed that the current offerings were deprecated. He put together a team of the best developers and designers to create AccentPOS.

Since its release, AccentPOS has inspired industry experts with its ease of use and feature-rich offering, providing many restaurant, café and bar owners with a method in which to bring their business infrastructure up-to-date.
To reinvent a well-established industry, Blake and his team had to research the EPOS sector in detail, which means he is now able to share his experience.