Geoff Hunt


Clean kitchen Extracts that don’t leak grease! How is this possible?

About Geoff Hunt

Geoff spent 25 years working in and running a retail food business that ranged from licenced delicatessens, fried chicken shops and a fish and chip restaurant. After selling the business in 2009 Geoff wanted to do something that made a real difference to businesses and in 2012 brought the first Tegras grease extract brushing system over from Spain. After spending nearly four years of working closely with the manufacturers Teinnova and RZ Ecoseal, Geoff has created the HEY safe cleaning solution.

In 2013 HEY became the UK and Ireland distributor of the Tegras system and have sold over 30 systems in the UK. In February 2016 Geoff put the final piece in the jigsaw by teaming up with RZ Ecoseal, a none flammable, waterproof and fire retardant product applied to the inside of the ductwork.

In September HEY will be opening a second training centre in Reading and along with their first one in Yorkshire, will be able to provide real training in a live kitchen environment.

Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning is now an unavoidable headache for operators. Your system needs to meet TR19 and insurance requirements, not leak when cleaned, be fire safe, not let odours escape, and cause minimal disruption to the business.

All this may seem too much to ask for, but HEY UK have created a Safe Cleaning Solution which uses the latest technology in robotic cleaning, combined with safe chemicals and a water-proof, fire retardant sealant.

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