25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London


25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London
25th and 26th Sept 2018 ExCal London

Janne Asikainen


Takeaway packaging design and innovation beyond disposable cups and plates.

Janne Asikainen is a Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Koepala Packaging Ltd, a takeaway packaging innovation company. Janne has worked in design agencies and in the packaging industry for over 15 years starting from the factory floor level. By education Janne is a combination of both Food Technologist and Packaging Designer.

In the future of smart kitchens, digitalised ordering and automated deliveries the current takeaway packaging solutions are simply not efficient and sustainable enough for the foodservice nor the consumers. A change is needed from packaging material vs. material discussion into considering packaging truly as a tangible part of the foodservice and eating experiences. Packaging design and innovations play a key role bringing the virtual and physical experiences together.

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