Rachel Garwood

Founder and CEO of YOURCOOK LTD

Is Healthy Eating A Myth?

About Rachel Garwood

Rachel Garwood studied Medical Sciences followed by a Law degree at the University of Leeds. She has worked in a range of industries during the past 16 years, including roles in legal, sales, finance, nutrition, food and healthcare. Her first job at 16 was as a Saturday Sales Assistant at Greggs in the West Midlands.

She is the Founder and CEO of YouRCooK (www.your-cook.com), a healthy meal solutions comparison site. The aim of YouRCooK is to simplify the healthy meal solutions market and assist people in finding the best fit services based on requirements such as location, budget and nutrition.

She is passionate about health, fitness and nutrition and a vegetarian who loves eating food but does not enjoy the cooking aspect as much. Therefore, YouRCooK emerged as a solution to addressing the challenge of quickly and easily finding companies that provide affordable pre-prepared meal delivery solutions.

The seminar examines the meaning of healthy eating. Is any food truly healthy or unhealthy? We are led to believe that specific foods are better to eat than others but research reports will regularly contradict this claim, and foods that were considered healthy are reclassified as unhealthy and foods once deemed as not so healthy are back on the unhealthy list and vice versa. What Should We Be Eating?

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