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Viktor Calabro


The Just in time recruitment strategy

Matching and optimising your staffing levels to the business your hotel or restaurant is experiencing can be a challenge, especially when you need to maintain high standards throughout the customer experience. A flexible, adaptable workforce provides a solution.
With the workforce required to effectively run your business changing so frequently, a flexible pool of workers can consistently improve your margins and satisfaction rates by ensuring you have the right amount of staff per shift.

About Viktor Calabro:

Viktor Calabrò is the founder and CEO of Coople, the world’s first on-demand staffing platform that has helped thousands of businesses to optimise the way they hire flexible staff.
Viktor began his career as a process optimizer in the IT sector. With a desire to realize his entrepreneurial dreams he founded an event agency called La Folie. This experience gave Viktor the idea to revolutionise the staffing market by founding Coople, a fully automated platform, which fills 98% of job requests within four hours. Within only six years, the Coople platform has over 210,000 users registered in the UK and Switzerland. Current clients include Four Seasons, Compass Group, Uber, Just Eat and Fossil, amongst many others. Viktor coined the term ‘just in time staff management’ and co-edited the book ‘Flexible workforce – fit for the challenges of the modern world of work?’.