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Phil Foster


Customised packaging that suits restaurant needs and Corporate Identity (Branding)

Create bespoke packaging with SAXOPRINT® easy box Designer software! With the user-friendly solution for experienced designers and beginners as well, you can create packaging in 25 basic styles and more than 1 billion variations, down to the very millimetre, exactly fitting to your requirements. So you can overpack your takeaway products with your company design and communicate your individual message to your customers.

About Phil Foster:

Phil Foster is the Senior Key Account Manager for SAXOPRINT UK, one of Europe’s leading online printing companies. He has over 30 years experience within the UK print industry, including running his own successful business for more than 15 years. He became the human face of SAXOPRINT in the UK over 4 years ago, because he was entirely convinced that their online solution, for buying efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly print was the future. His mission is to introduce the benefits of online printing to the business community.