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Todd Gasparik

Smart Planet Technologies

Innovations in Sustainable Takeaway Packaging That You Need to Know

With consumer demand for increased recycling rates and plastic reduction usage at an all-time high, it’s important for your brand to send a clear sustainability message to your customers. Join us for a discussion about sustainable packaging, innovative material advancements and commercially available packaging solutions which support your economic, performance and environmental initiatives.

About Todd Gasparik:

Todd Gasparik is Vice President of Business Development at Smart Planet Technologies and prides himself on being a change agent within the packaging industry, encouraging the adoption of innovation technologies in support of paper cup and paperboard barrier packaging recycling initiatives. As a seasoned sales and marketing professional with almost two decades in the industry, Todd has championed breaking down the barriers of the status quo with a belief that searching for the perfect solution shouldn''t stand in the way
of creating recyclable solutions for paper cup and food service packaging applications.