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Evoca Drinks is a multi-award winning UK soft drinks company specialising in the manufacture and development of its own range of exceptionally tasting premium soft drinks under the Evoca brand, which includes three industry first carbonated products in the 330ml can range; namely Evoca Cola, Evoca Strawberry and Evoca Mango.

Evoca`s commitment is to create premium carbonated soft drinks, each with their own Unique Selling Points (USPs), which can be offered at a price point equal to or slightly under the more established brands - therefore making Evoca a viable alternative to other products for quality reasons whilst not falling into a niche category.

Each Evoca flavour is developed to the highest possible standards, utilising natural ingredients where possible and real fruit - unlike the handful of competitor products which use no fruit and/or contain harmful azo dyes, which by law carry a health warning on the packaging. Evoca utilises no alcohol based solvents during the production process, whilst ensuring an outstanding and marketing-leading taste. Further no any animal based dyes to colour drinks are used and nor is gelatine used as a sediment filter for the products which have a high fruit content.

All key manufacturers in Evoca`s supply chain are ISO14001 certified, ensuring they have minimum waste and impact on the surrounding environment. In effect Evoca Drinks products are Kosher, Halal, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly all in one, whilst being ethically sourced and produced.

Evoca Drinks won the SOAS University`s 2016 Award for Innovation in Business and are one of the nominees for the Product Innovation Award at the Restaurant & Take-Away Innovation Expo 2018.

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