Food and Drink Guides

Food & Drink Guides is the UK’s largest publisher of regional eating out guides. For over 15 years these guys have tasted their way through restaurants across the country to bring discerning diners comprehensive, free-to-pick-up eating out guides. Restaurants for each region-specific guide are journalist reviewed, snapped by professional photographers and featured in the glossy handbag sized magazine you find in Waitrose stores.

Not everyone has a handbag, and that’s where the free restaurant-finder app comes in. Food & Drink Guides app is a market leader, with over 5,000 restaurants listed across the UK, allowing users to discover the best restaurants in an instant. Search by cuisine type or just for somewhere nearby and a full review, contact information and gallery is at your fingertips.

Their award-winning blog, Fed Up & Drunk, features news, reviews, recipes, competitions, insider info and interviews with top chefs among a bevvy of other mouth-watering reads.